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Registration for Dublin Youth Rugby U12 Tackle League program is open now! We start our 1st season with Practice Friday, March 31st and Games on April 1st.

Eligibility: Players must currently be enrolled in either 5th or 6th grade and cannot be older than 12 years of age by May 28, 2019. 

In U12 Tackle we teach kids the basics of rugby by focusing on Safe Tackling Techniques, Passing, Kicking, and the Rules of the game. And we emphasize the fun of Olympic Rugby.

Players will start out playing 7-on-7 touch rugby games and once they complete their tackling certification course and are approved to play, they will advance to our Tackle Rugby League. For U12 Tackle we will play rugby sevens rules, but with no rucks and uncontested scrums. 

For more information you can contact the League Director - Chris Northup at 949-813-3877 or email him at 

U12 Tackle Schedule

Week 1 - Coffman Park
March 31st - Friday
April 1st - Saturday
11am-12pm (5-6th Grade)

Week 2
April 7th - Friday

April 8th - Saturday
11am-12pm (5-6th Grade)

OFF - April 14 & 15 - (Easter Weekend)

Week 4
April 21st - Sunday

April 22nd - Saturday
11am-12pm (5-6th Grade)

Week 5
April 28th - Friday

April 29th - Saturday
11am-12pm (5-6th Grade)

Week 6
May 5th - Friday

May 6th- Saturday
11am-12pm (5-6th Grade)

Week 7
May 12 - Friday

May 1.3- Saturday
11am-12pm (5-6th Grade)

Week 8
May 20 - TBD

*Practice Schedule: Start dates for individual team practice may vary. Most teams will practice Saturday before their games. Please look on your team page and/or contact the head coach for that information. Plan on your kids being at the field between one to two hours. 

Game Times

League matches will start between 11am and 12pm. Teams will be decided at the Friday night practice for the following day.  Each team will play a minimum of two matches per week but no more than three. 

The Dublin U12 Tackle League Program will follow the standard Olympic game time of (2) 7-minute halves. This is a high paced game where kids will be continually running for the entire game. Trust us... 14-minute games are more than enough playing time. Practice to be held on Fridays before games on Saturdays.

Program Fee

$150 (7 Week Program)

What You Need

The U12 Tackle Rugby League will require that each player supply their own mouth guard, and cleats.

***All cleats must have molded spikes. (No Player is allowed to wear metal spikes) Soccer and football spikes are fine as long as they are molded. You do NOT need to go out and buy new rugby cleats.***

Chris Northup
Dublin Youth Rugby Director
Phone: 949-813-3877