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Interested in playing in our U14 Tackle Rugby program? Don't wait, sign up now!
: Players must currently be enrolled in either 7th or 8th grade and cannot be older than 14 years of age by April 1, 2019. (6th graders are eligible pending approval from the League and team coach. 

All U14 Coaches are required to have a Level 200 certification. Teams will need to practice on an individual basis starting in March. Players will need to go through controlled rugby tackling drills and controlled live practices before playing in their first match. No player will be put into a game before they are ready.

To find out your teams practice schedule, please contact your team's coach through their team webpage.

If you're interested in bringing a program to your area, please contact Rugby Ohio at;

U14 Schedule 2019

Week 1 - April 6 Dublin Coffman Park 10AM
Week 2 - April 13 Watkins Memorial HS 10AM
Week 3 - April 20 
Week 4 - April 27 
Week 5 - May 4 
Week 6 - May 11 - City Championship 
Week 7 - May 18 - State Championship 
Start dates for individual team schedules for practice may vary. Please look on your team page and/or contact the head coach for that information.

Game Times

League matches will start between 11am and 2pm. The League schedule for Week 1 will be released by April 2nd. Each team will play a minimum of two matches per week but no more than three. And each team will have at least a 20 minute break in between their first and second match.

Columbus Olympic Rugby will follow the standard Olympic game time of (2) 7-minute halves. This is a high paced game where kids will be continually running for the entire game. Trust us... 14-minute games are more than enough playing time. Plan for your kids to be at the field between one to two hours. 

What You Need

The U14 Tackle Rugby League will require each player to supply their own mouth guard and cleats.

***All cleats must have molded spikes. (No Player is allowed to wear metal spikes) Soccer and football spikes are fine as long as they are molded. You do NOT need to go out and buy new rugby cleats.***


Program Fee

Price varies by team due to field rentals and uniform costs. Approximately $90 - $200. Contact your program for more information. 

Player fees cover; Athletic Trainers and Referees for every match,  player supplemental liability insurance, and registration costs. 

Contact us for more information.


2018 Columbus All Stars

Racer Rugby represented Columbus in the 2018 Midwest Regional Cup Tournament in Fishers, IN. The MS All Stars took Third Place after huge wins against Cleveland's Celtic Elite and Cincinnati's All Stars during the Group Stage of play, and crushing Eagle Impact Rugby Academy's B-Side in their 3rd Place match. Their only loss on the day came to Eagle Impact Rugby Academy's A-Side, in a very close, single score deficit, match during the Group Stage. The Racer Rugby Columbus All Stars look forward to more high caliber competitions in 2019. For more information about the Columbus Regional teams or Racer Rugby, please visit our Facebook, Twitter, or contact us via email at;

Head Coach
Thoron Byrd - Racer Rugby

Assistant Coaches
Mike Hassey - Racer Rugby / Columbus Crusaders
Chris Northup - Racer Rugby / Dublin Rugby
Rich Northup - Racer Rugby / Dublin Rugby

Andrew McGlauglin (C) - 8th - Hilliard Bears
Blake Northup (C) - 7th -  Dublin Rugby
Jayden Garnes - 8th - Columbus Crusaders
Isaiah Vargas - 8th - Dublin Rugby
Beau Abbott - 8th - Watkins Warriors
Harold Hacker - 7th - Dublin Rugby
Griffin Wilson - 8th - Watkins Warriors 
Tristan Arndt - 7th - Dublin Rugby
Rugby Meza - 7th - Columbus Crusaders
Kyler Larosa - 7th - Dublin Rugby 
Levi Stephen - 8th - Columbus Crusaders
Gregg Valentine - 7th - Columbus Crusaders
Alex Delacruz - 8th - Dublin Rugby
Danny Trask - 8th - Columbus Crusaders

Dillan Halter - 7th - Dublin Rugby
Logan Vanhoose - 8th - Watkins Warriors
Caiden Sommer - 7th - Dublin Rugby


2018 Midwest RCT 3rd Place

2018 Cincinnati 15s Scrimmage

Racer Rugby

2017 Columbus All Star Team

The Inaugural Columbus MS All Star team competed well in the 2017 Midwest Regional Cup Tournament in Fishers, IN. The team was comprised of some of Columbus' finest players from Hilliard, Columbus Crusaders, Pickerington and the Warriors rugby programs.  The boys finished 2-2-1 on the day, earning two notable wins against Cincinnati and Eagle Impact Rugby Academy. 

Head Coach
Roland Suniula - Tiger Rugby

Assistant Coach
Thoron Byrd - Racer Rugby

Columbus All Stars Roster
Player Name  -  Grade  -  Team

Matthew Sailor - 8th - Hilliard
Kyle Coffey - 8th - Pickerington
Liam Smith - 8th - Hilliard
Chase Fourman - 8th - Crusaders
Samuel Ray- 8th - Pickerington
Aidan Wray - 8th - Hilliard
Connor Beaupre - 8th - Hilliard
John Spreng - 8th - Warriors
Jadyn Garnes - 7th - Crusaders
Joseph Romshe - 7th - Warriors
Logen VanHoose - 7th - Warriors
Zachariah Kachurak - 7th - Warriors

Top College and NFL Coaches are teaching rugby tackling techniques to improve player safety

From the Seattle Seahawks:






Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has released an instructional video showing the way his coaching staff teaches tackling.

“Our tackling system features shoulder tackling and a renewed emphasis on taking the head out of tackling. We’ve found our style to be successful in the NFL and in college, and we believe it can be employed at all levels,” Carroll said.

“We have found that we can practice and drill our tackling without pads or a helmet,” Carroll said. “This system of tackling was recently inspired by those who play rugby around the world. Rugby players have truly taken the head out of the game and truly exemplify shoulder tackling.”

Carroll says in the video that “we are a shoulder-tackling team.” Goodell wants the NFL to have 32 shoulder-tackling teams. “Rugby players take the head out of the game,” Carroll told reporters at the Super Bowl in February. “We practice this without helmets, without pads.”

See the full article here:


From the OSU Buckeyes:






Former Ohio State defensive co-coordinator and new Rutgers Head Coach, Chris Ash discovered a new tackling method.

He came upon a 15-minute instructional video on the internet, experienced a flash of inspiration, and proposed to a staff of veteran coaches that they do more than just forget everything they had ever learned about tackling. He wanted to teach another sport.

A year later, the Buckeyes are not only practiced rugby tacklers. They may be the best tackling team in college football.

Ash transformed an area of weakness in 2013 into a pillar of a championship season. By Meyer’s count, the Buckeyes missed the fewest tackles in the nation last season.

Cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs called the new style a “game-changer.”

See the full article here:

From the MSU Spartans:






Michigan State University head football coach Mark Dantonio thus far has only joked about traveling to faraway lands to recruit rugby players to his Michigan State football team.

But Dantonio is damn serious about infusing rugby into his program — specifically tackling techniques.

Inspired by the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and a rugby-tackling techniques video assembled by Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll, Dantonio is part of a growing but small group of college football coaches who’ve turned to rugby to teach the art of tackling.

The reasons are both competitive and important. First, to improve their teams’ ability to tackle in space. And, perhaps with larger and lasting ramifications, to take the head out of these collisions.

The NFL’s emphasis on tackling with the shoulders, instead of the head, isn’t just about player safety. According to the coach of the best defense in football, it’s also the most effective way to bring a ball carrier down.

See the full article here: