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The Ohio Youth Rugby Association was created in 2007 to grow rugby in the Ohio Rugby Union. The Ohio Youth Rugby Association, (doing business as “Rugby Ohio”) is a non-profit corporation which has been formed under the laws of the State of Ohio.  Rugby Ohio is an Associate Organizational Member of USA Rugby, and governs the State of Ohio's High School rugby leagues as well as developing middle school and youth non-contact rugby. We have partnered with Schools, Community based organizations and parks and recreation departments to introduce rugby to children ages 5-12 in a non-contact form. The High School rugby in Ohio is a strong and vibrant part of the game. Ohio has led the way in High School rugby for nearly 25 years. New teams are growing every year and the potential for more growth is endless. Our full time staff started in January of 2008. Their focus and the goal of the entire organization will be to professionalize the structure and administration of Rugby while bringing safety and consistency to the game across Ohio.


Rugby Ohio Mission Statement


Strengthen youth character, conditioning, community and academic commitment by integrating the core values of rugby into a distinct and inclusive team sports experience, In doing so, we strive to empower young people to be healthy, vital, successful students who go on to be the best they can be, for life.

Rugby Ohio is organized, and shall be operated exclusively, for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”).

Rugby Ohio FAQs

  • Our organization that relies heavily on the work of dedicated volunteers.  The Board of Directors is the governing body of Rugby Ohio and nominations to the Board are considered annually.  The committees of Rugby Ohio are: Executive Committee, Communications/Public Relations Committee, Competitions Committee, Developmental and Marketing Committee, Education Committee, Finance Committee and Governance Committee. Please let us know if you'd like to become involved with one of those committees by emailing
  • How do I get in touch with a Rugby Ohio board member?  Contact information for our Rugby Ohio can be found on our website, under the Contacts tab.
  • Where does Rugby Ohio get its money from?  Rugby Ohio charges registration fees to players to fund programming.  Additional funds are generated through events and fundraising efforts.  Rugby Ohio also has a small paid staff to manage programming.  As a 501(c)3, tax returns for non-profits are available as public record.


Rugby Ohio offers the following programs throughout the state:

Middle School & Youth

Canton Rookie Rugby
U14 Tackle Rugby
U12 Flag Rugby
Rookie Rugby

Cincinnati Rookie Rugby
U14 Tackle Rugby
U12 Flag Rugby
Rookie Rugby

Cleveland Rookie Rugby
U14 Tackle Rugby
U12 Flag Rugby
Rookie Rugby

Columbus Olympic Rugby
U14 Tackle Rugby
U12 Flag Rugby
Rookie Rugby

Dayton Youth Rugby
U14 Flag Rugby
U12 Flag Rugby


D1 Boys 15's Champions

2018 - St Ignatius

2017 - St Ignatius

2016 - St Edward

2015 - St Ignatius

2014 - St Ignatius

2013 - St Edward

2012 - St Edward

2011 - Westerville

2010 - Archbishop Moeller

2009 - Westerville

2008 - Westerville

2007 - Westerville

D1AA Boys 15's Championship

2018 - Brunswick

2017 - Brunswick

D2 Boys 15's Champions

2018 - Highland

2017 - Perrysburg

2016 - Lakota Jets

2015 - Avon Lake

2014 - St Edward B

2013 - Brunswick

2012 - Indian Springs (Lakota)

D1 Girls Champions

2018 - Hudson

2017 - Saint Joseph Academy

2016 - Saint Joseph Academy

2015 - Saint Joseph Academy

2014 - Saint Joseph Academy

2013 - Saint Joseph Academy

2012 - Lakewood

2011 - Saint Joseph Academy

2010 - Lakewood

D2 Girls Champions

2018 - Medina

2017 - Cincinnati Walnut Hills

2016 - Cincinnati Walnut Hills

2015 - Saint Joseph Academy (B)

2014 - Brunswick

2013 - Saint Joseph Academy (B)

2018 Boys Sevens Champions

Cup - ST Ignatius

Plate - Perrysburg

Bowl - Anthony Wayne

2018 Girls Sevens Champions

Cup - Brunswick

Plate - Perrysburg

Bowl - Highland

D1 Sevens Champions (Boys)

2016 - Pickerington

2015 - St Ignatius

2014 - St Ignatius

2013 - St Ignatius

2012 - Upper Arlington

2011 - Pickerington

D2 Sevens Champions (Boys)

2015 - Perrysburg

2014 - Perrysburg